Hydraulic Steering Systems: possible issues and solutions

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Below are the most common faults and their likely cause and solution. Sometimes when returning the wheel from a hardover position, a slight resistance may be felt and clicking sound heard.
This should be not mistaken as a fault as is it a normal situation caused by the release of the lockspool.

During filling the helm becomes
completely jammed.

Blockage in the line between the
helm(s) and the cylinder(s).
Make certain that hole has not collapsed during installation.
Check fittings for incomplete holes, however are not common.
System is very difficult to fill. Air
keeps burping out top of helm even
after system appears full.
– Air in system.
– Bleed fitting leaking.
– Review filling instruction.
– Tighten bleed fitting.
Steering is stiff and hard to turn,
even when the vessel is
not moving.
– Adjusting hexagonal nut on
tilt tube over-tightened.
– Restriction in hose tubing or fittings.
– To test disconnect cylinder(s) from the tiller arm and turn the steering wheel.
If it turns easily, correct above-mentioned problems.
– Please note that excessively loose connections to tiller arm or tie bar can also cause mechanical binding.
Note: a kinked hose will cause stiff steering and should be replaced.
– Check the right oil way.
Steering is easy to turn at the dock,
but becomes hard to turn
when vessel is underway.

– Steering wheel is too small.
– Incorrect setting of
trim tab(s) engine.
– Fit larger wheel if possible, see
installation instruction.
– Adjust tab(s).