Nautical accessories design

Design and development

In our offices, a team of designers and technicians is engaged daily in the development of new applications aimed at improving and introducing new products related to the world of nautical accessories.

Mechanical steering systems design – Planetary Gear

Benefits of a Planetary Gear Design

Mavimare mechanical steering helms G.08, G.10 and G.12 versions are based on a planetary gear design, with a central gear and three satellite gears that rotate on their axes and at the same time rotate around the central helm axis. This allows for equal distribution of the engine torque over three points of the central gear, splitting and balancing the system loads.

The benefits of this special design are increased system longevity, increased efficiency and less engine feedback compared to single-pinion gear helms.

Compact helm pumps with smart new design

Hydraulic steering systems design – Helm Pumps

All the components of our hydraulic pumps are produced with the best quality of raw material which has been chosen relating to the function of each component:

  • The shaft of the steering wheel is made of stainless steel.
  • The rotor is made of steel
  • All Mavimare helm pumps have integrated non-return and pressure relief valves
  • Forged aluminum body valve: this eliminates leaks and provides for stronger threads in the ports.
  • Dust seal and three different o-rings located in different positions: prevent damage due to debris and corrosion. Prevent leaking from the pump.
  • Three different ball bearings and roller bearings provide the smoothest performance
  • Four different kind of superficial treatments provide the most durability of the extemal body paint.
  • All the different components of Mavimare pumps are obtained by industrialized working process in order to ensure the best quality and reliability of the product.
  • Our hydraulic steering systems kit are supplied packaged in a box along with square bezel kit in order to retrofit the pump into the console and hoses with pressed fittings on one end. All you need into the box.
  • It’s possible supply hoses completly fitted, ready to be install.
  • ORB fittings

PHydraulic steering systems design – Hydraulic cylinders

Compacted design ad universal for all type of  outboard engines
All different spare parts always available at cost price
Longer durability due to double number of seals and o-rings respect other brands