Following the routine maintenance schedules as outlined below, in the time frame noted will ensure years of service from your Mavimare Steering System, as well as keep you and your passengers safe from the dangers that are present on and off water.
Failure to comply with maintenance checks may result in loss of steering, causing property damage and / or personal injury.
Inspections are necessary every year and must be carried out by specialized marine mechanics.
Check the shaft and the orings of the cylinder, the orings of the helm pump, the fittings of the cylinder and helm pump in order to prevent leaks.
Check tightness of all fasteners/ fittings throughout the steering system.
Clean the system using fresh water and non – abrasive liquid.
Do not use brake oils or automatic transmission fluid ( ATF ).

Use only compatible hydraulic oils:

  • Owner(s) (End Users) Prior to every use.
  • Check Fluid level in highest helm pump
  • Verify immediate steering response when turning steering wheel(s) (Ensure engine turns when steering wheel is turned).
  • Visually inspect all steering hoses and fittings for wear, kinking and/or leaks.
  • Check for binding, loose, worn or leaking steering component


DO NOT operate boat if any component is not in proper working condition.

After first 20 hours, then every 100 hours or 6 months thereafter (which ever comes first).

  • All points noted above
  • Check tightness of ALL fasteners/fittings throughout the steering system. Tighten to correct torque specifications are required.
  • Check for mechanical play or slop throughout steering system, correct as required.
  • Check for signs of corrosion. If corrosion is present contact your dealer .


Any work being performed with the steering system MUST be completed by a qualified mechanic with the working knowledge of the system.

After every 200 hours or 12 months (which ever comes first)

  • All points noted above.
  • Remove support rod from engine steering/tilt tube. Clean engine steering/tilt tube and re-grease using a good quality marine grease.
  • Grease support rod liberally
  • Grease all contact points shown in the cylinder and tiebar installations.

DO NOT remove tiller bolt to re-grease.

  • Remove steering wheel and re-grease wheel shaft using a good quality marine grease.
  • Inspect hydraulic oil for cleanliness, flush if required.