Conditions of sale


The General Conditions may be amended and/or updated by MaviMare & Mancini SRL due to new laws and regulations or other reasons.

The present general terms and conditions of sales and delivery are applied to each order. Any deviations from general conditions are only effective if Mavimare & Mancini SRL has approved them. With the placement of an order, the buyer agrees to accept the following conditions.

In order to avoid possible misunderstanding during the order processing, please indicate always:

Description of the Item


The characteristics and/or technical specifications of the products described or illustrated in any form – website included – are only indicative and shall not be binding for Mavimare & Mancini SRL.


Prices in this price list are excluded of V.A.T and transportation freights except in particular cases. The prices are exclusively just as an indication. Mavimare & Mancini SRL reserves the right to modify the prices. In any cases, after order entry, Mavimare & Mancini SRL will send at customer the confirmation order, in which the buyer can check all relative cost of goods.


Orders received by fax or e-mail directly to Mavimare & Mancini SRL headquarter will be immediately confirmed by issue of order confirmation. The customer’s confirmation of the received order confirmation, or in the alternative, the customer’s failure to reject it within 5 (five) days from receipt thereof, shall constitute the customer’s acceptance of the order placement and of the general sales conditions.

The execution of the orders will be subordinated to real product availability on Mavimare & Mancini SRL.


The delivery terms indicated by Mavimare & Mancini SRL are carefully evaluated, but they do not bind Mavimare & Mancini SRL that can change it or confirmed it in order to your real stock and demand. In case of late delivery (late inferior to 30 days) the customer is obliged always to accept the goods, without any request of refund.

Special conditions and terms should be accorder previously between Mavimare & Mancini SRL and the customer and they should be expressly accepted in writing by Mavimare & Mancini SRL.


The transportation freight, the eventual assurance and the derivable risks for transport of goods are at total customer’s charged. The goods are shipped at ex works condition (EXW Incoterms). If the customer does non specify the carrier for the shipment of materials, Mavimare & Mancini SRL has the right to choose a carrier for deliver the products.


The foreign customer will anticipate the payment by transfer money. After the payment Mavimare & Mancini SRL will provide to ship the goods by carrier. So the delivery of products will be subordinated to the materials payment.


The customer may return the purchased goods only after obtaining written permission from Mavimare & Mancini SRL. Otherwise Mavimare & Mancini SRL will not accept the return. The reasons for possible returns are: mistake on order, repair and/or warranty replacement or repair without warranty.

The customer will ship the goods are free on board condition, otherwise Mavimare & Mancini SRL will non take back the goods.

It is very important that the goods are carefully packaged to avoid damage during the transport.

Mavimare & Mancini srl will not refund money at the customer, but he will provide to replace the goods of same value. The package, shipment and eventually warranty freights are in charge to the customer.


For any controversy the Court of Milan will have jurisdiction.


The Purchaser acknowledges the Intellectual Property Rights of Mavimare & Mancini SRL.

The Purchaser undertakes not to remove, alter or modify the Trade Marks, the Product identification marks and all the distinguishing features of which Mavimare & Mancini SRL can avail itself applied on the Products and/or their packaging. He also undertakes not to alter the Products, nor any single box and/or packaging.

The Purchaser undertakes not to file and/or register, both directly and/or indirectly, also by means of third parties, trade marks, trade names, names, domain names and other distinguishing features identical and/or similar and/or that can be conflicting with those of Mavimare & Mancini SRL or whose use can be availed by Mavimare & Mancini SRL.