Our products are 100% made in Italy, manufactured by some of the best Italian and European raw material suppliers.

Our hydraulic steering systems are almost entirely manufactured inside our factory, so we are not a company that outsources the production of components and assembles them into the final product, but we produce the most sensible and critical parts of the product internally (such as the helm pump valve, rotor and distributor) thanks to our latest generation CNC machineries and technologies.

This allow us to carefully check every important component of each product, being sure about the quality of the items before they are assembled with a competitive working cost and selling price.

Our products are fully tested, one by one, before being packaged and are ready to be despatched.

We have every spare part of all our products available, such as the o-ring kits or cylinder brackets with the stainless steel lever. Customers can inquire and receive every single item of our products.

Hydraulic steering systems


  • The MAVIMARE hydraulic steering systems represent a successful combination of superb craftsmanship and innovative technology to ensure the best possible performance under all conditions and in all situations.
  • The quality is indisputably superior: all the products are infact manufactured with corrosion-proof materials in order to guarantee a long durability and maximum reliability.
  • The quick and precise response of the systems in all situations match  a pleasant and smooth movement of the steering wheel.
  • Finally, the absence of maintenance and the easy installation complete a series of advantages that the MAVIMARE steering systems offer all over the world.