The balanced-frontal mounting cylinder is surely the best choice for a hydraulic steering system, rather than the lateral mounting cylinder.

Our innovation of this balanced – frontal mounting cylinder is on its patented way of feeding oil conduction.

Thanks to it, when the operator turns the steering wheel, the hoses remain still in the same position, because of fact that they are not connected to the body’s cylinder.

Since the hoses and the fittings are one of the most important parts in a hydraulic steering system, the fact that they are not subjected to chafing, rubbing, and twisting gives the system very high safety when the boat is underway.


Compact design requires little space and adjustable mounting position allows installation flexibility
Stainless steel rod thick chrome plating to ensure durability
Ultra corrosion resistant construction.
Painted components are anodized before coating for extra protection
Easiness of choise: its adjustable connection let to find the fixing center on any engine which is mounted
Velocity of assembly Safety of the hydraulic system

For your fast installation and for the safety of the navigation, all our hydraulic steering systems are equipped with fittings already pressed  on hoses.

All the single Mavimare cylinders up to 300 hp can operate a  twin outboard motor installation.  
If both propellers rotate in the same direction, the total output of the engines should not exceed 300 hp.
If the motors have counter rotating propellers, the maximum combined power can be 600 hp.

Hydraulic steering systems innovation – Evolution cylinder


The difference is visible beside to feel it!

Nothing like this on the market: the only steering system in the world with “bullhorn” type balanced 

cylinder with fixed hoses.

Safety on steering with fixed hoses

Freespace in the splashwell

Hitech design

Fast and easy installation on all type of outboard

For outboard engines up to 300hp (600 combined H.P. for twins with counter-rotating propellers)

The only steering systems in the world with “bullhorn“ balanced cylinder with FIXED HOSES (PATENTED)