24 June 2019

New reinforced hydraulic steering system up to 300hp

From the experience of GF350HD was designed the new steering system with reinforced cylinder, the MC300HD, developed for single and multiple engine applications up to 300hp.

Compared to the previous ones (GF300AT, GF300BT and GF300CT) has a universal lever for engine connection, robust design with reinforced cylinder and can be installed with all the different brands of engines.

This steering system with bull-horn balanced cylinder is easy to install also with two or more engines, since it is possible to use any regular rigid tie bar (also those one supplied by the engine’s manufacturers) or it can be used with our tilt adjustable tie bar that permit to trim one engine per time.

The helm pump is supplied with bezel kit in order to get a retrofit dashboard installation, and it has an integrated over pressure and lock valve.

New part number:

  • GF300HD replace the GF300AT
  • GF300BHD replace the GF300BT
  • GF300CHD replace the GF300CT