Art. G.12 Helm group over 40KW (55Hp)

  • Interchangeable with T.71 Ultraflex and SAFE-T Teleflex
  • Packaged with 90° bezel kit
  • Made of corrosion resistant material
  • Made by a planetary gear design, with a central gear and three satellite gears that rotate on their axis
  • Lock to lock steering weel turns: 3,8
  • Max wheel diameter 400 mm.
  • Exceeds EN 28848 safety standards
  • Steering systems G.12 with cable C.17.05 are not to be used on boats equipped with engines that exceed the maximum horsepower rating of the boat

On request helm group with 20° mounting bezel kit Art. G.13

Cable for G.12: see art. C.17.05

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